Working in Harmony: Ethical, Effective Business Practice for Yoga Teachers.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2012

Wondering how to make your existing Yoga business commercially viable without burning out?

Not sure how to get your classes and personal lessons off the ground?

This unique workshop can help answer your questions and inspire you with tried and tested ideas from an experienced small business professional and Yoga practitioner.

Subject areas covered:

  • An overview of the business aspect of teaching Yoga, from an ethical, balanced viewpoint.
  • Different ways to get started, plus tools and techniques to support growth, effectiveness and sustainability.
  • How to avoid burnout and how to reconcile marketing and business with Yoga.
  • Practical information on internet presence, starting and maintaining a newsletter and cultivating personal referrals, as well as basic tips for personal finances, taxes and liability insurance.


Workshop facilitated by Sally Lever, Sustainable Business Coach.

This weekend will also include practice sessions taught by Steve Brandon, a course review and questions and answer session.

Cost: £90

To check availability and to book, please contact Steve.


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