SUMMER SCHOOL: 13th-19th August. “The Art and Science of Vinyasa Krama Yoga. Complete Vinyasa.”

There are just a few places left on this year’s Summer School. This intensive course is open to all serious practitioners and Yoga teachers. Those with an existing Yoga teaching qualification will receive a Vinyasa Krama Yoga CPD Certificate on completion of this course, so this is an easy, cost effective and enjoyable way for you to add Vinyasa Krama Yoga to your teaching toolkit.

“Just as music without proper pitch and rhythm will not give any pleasure, similarly asana practice done without vinyasa krama will not give good health. When that is so, what more is there to say about long life and strength in this context?” — Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Subject areas covered:

  • The entire range of vinyasas (numbering about 700) in eleven classical sequences, in depth.
  • All the main sequences of Vinyasa Krama and adaptations. An in depth coverage of the complete Vinyasa Krama series.
  • A full range of tools for the practitioner or teacher to use in their personal practice and teaching situations.
  • Instructions and guidance on asana practice from Krishnamacharya’s books ‘Yoga Makaranda’ and ‘Yoga Rahasya.
  • The most comprehensive coverage of the full spectrum of classical yogasana available.

Dates: 13th-19th August 2012.

Venue: Wells Museum. Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset. BA5 2UE. UK.

Cost: £295. Non-residential.

To check availability and to book, please contact Steve.

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