Srivatsa Ramaswami 2013 UK Visit – Update

This programme is filling up fast. We will run a waiting list, but it’s probably best to reserve your place sooner rather than later to be sure of participating in this unique experience.

May 3rd – 13th, 2013

RamaswamiHoustonProgramme summary

Each of these workshops is suitable for Yoga teachers or advanced practitioners.

May 3rd -5th: Cikitsa Krama – Yoga Therapy.  (3 days. 18 hours.)
May 6th: Suryanamaskaram. (1 day. 6 hours.)
May 7th-9th: Hathayogapradipika. (3 days. 18 hours.)
May 10th-13th: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. (4 days. 24 hours)

All workshops will be held in Wells Somerset, UK. at one of 2 venues:

  1. Wells Museum Conference Room, 8 Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2UE, UK.
  2. Wells Town Hall, Market Place, Wells, Somerset BA5 2RB, UK.

The museum is located on the historic Cathedral Green in the medieval city of Wells. The Conference Room is a pleasant, spacious room overlooking a walled garden. The town hall is a beautiful, grade II listed building close to the stunning, moated Bishop’s Palace. Both venues are central to all main amenities.

Scroll down for workshop details, course fees and booking procedure.

Workshop Details

iStock_000007678268Small right(1)Friday May 3rd – Sunday May 5th: Cikitsa Krama – Yoga Therapy.

The methods of Yoga were developed to give the Yogi freedom from illness and to cultivate health and longevity. Seeking spiritual freedom, the methods had to be such that the yogi was independent of physicians; so they are personal practices that take care of the practitioner’s health needs without external intervention.

Yoga is therefore inherently health promoting and therapeutic. It can be used for maintaining health and to resolve conditions of ill health. Yoga asana, breathing practices and mental techniques can be applied for the treatment of various ailments.

Treating illness with Yoga techniques is called Yougika Cikitsa or Cikitsa Krama, Yoga therapy.

In this 3 day workshop Ramaswami will present;

  1. The principles of Yoga practice for promoting and maintaining good general health and for the proper functioning of different body systems, and
  2. The application of Yoga techniques for various ailments.

Session times are 9.30am – 12.30pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm each day.

 Wells Museum. 18 hours. £220 (£70 deposit).


iStock_000019160239XSmallMonday May 6th: Suryanamaskaram (Traditional Sun Salute)

Suryanamaskaram is the first chapter in the aranyaka portion of the Yajur Veda (taittiriya). It is also known as Aruna Prapathaka. There are 32 sections subdivided into 132 paragraphs. It is the longest chapter in the Yajur Veda.

It takes about an hour to chant and it is customary to do this at dawn on a Sunday morning, facing toward the sun deity. Each of the 32 sections would be followed by a round of vinyasa krama of suryanamaskaram. Sri Krishnamacharya chanted this and taught it to his students.

The sun is called mitra, the universal friend and performing this ritual is believed to bestow good health. The Rig Veda describes the Sun as:

The remover of all weakness,
Healer of all illness,
Lord of all that stands and goes,
He slays the demons
And guards the worshippers.

Ramaswami says that; “I had the privilege of studying and chanting with my guru on innumerable Sundays at his house. In my last class with him in 1988, we chanted suryanamaskaram together. He was in bed, incapacitated after a fall, but with a booming voice he chanted the entire chapter from memory.  That day he blessed me and wished me well.”

Ramaswami will introduce the practice and teach the asana sequences with correct breathing. This will be followed by learning the 12 surya mantras. Then participants will practice the sequences with Ramaswami’s chanting verses from the Yajur Veda.
Wells Museum. 6 hours. £70 (£25 deposit)


God ShivaTuesday 7th May- Thursday 9th May: Hathayogapradipika.

The Hathayoga Pradipika of Svatmarama (HYP) is an authentic and exhaustive work on Hatha Yoga and is the most followed text of Hatha Yogis. It consists of four chapters covering asana, pranayama, mudras and meditation.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga will be taught and Ramaswami will teach the key concepts in Hathayoga Pradipika. The content of the teaching will be derived from Ramaswami’s studies with Sri T Krishnamacharya and will be consistent with the goals and procedures of classical Yoga. Krishnamacharya did not approve of some of the mudras in HYP as he considered them counterproductive practices.

The programme will consist of one day practicing asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha according to the Vinyasa Krama methodology then two days of lecture on the HYP text.

Wells Town Hall. 18 hours. £220 (£70 deposit).


iStock_000009655709XSmallFriday 10th May – Monday 13th May: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is the most important text on traditional Yoga and faithfully adheres to the Vedic tradition. Krishnamacharya would ask his yoga students to keep the teachings of Patanjali as a beacon to steer clear of the mire of discordant practices propounded under the banner of yoga.

The proper understanding of authentic yoga and a correct orientation of practice can be gained by a thorough study of the Yoga Sutra.

Ramaswami will go through all four chapters of the Yoga Sutra and present the key concepts contained in the text. Some chanting practice of the sutras will also be included.  24 hours. £295 (£95 deposit).


Ramaswami with Krishnamacharya - 1968Ramaswami with Krishnamacharya – 1968

Course Fees

Date Workshop Course Fee Deposit
May 3rd-5th
Cikitsa Krama – Yoga Therapy £220 £70
May 6th
Suryanamaskaram (Traditional Sun Salute)
£70 £25
May 7th – 9th
Hathayogapradipika £220 £70
May 10th – 13th
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali £295 £95

Booking Procedure

 1)   Please download, complete and return  a Ramaswami 2013 Booking Form

(Or do feel free to email Steve for a copy of these details and the booking form)

2)   You will then receive notification of your reservation together with payment options and details. You can pay by BACS, online or by cheque.

3)   Pay deposit to confirm your place.

4)   Pay balance by March 8th 2013.

Workshops are non-residential and no meals are provided. Complimentary herbal teas will be available .

You will be sent a list of accommodation and food outlets on receipt of your deposit.

Ramaswami photo courtesy of  Pam Johnson at The Heights School of Yoga, Houston, with gratitude.



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