Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers – with Dr. Ruth Gilmore

Friday 18th – Sunday 20th October 2013 (3 days)

Your last opportunity to study with Dr. Ruth Gilmore, exemplary anatomy and physiology teacher, as she prepares for a well earned retirement.

Ruth will cover the major bones and muscles of the body, their location and function and specifically how they can be utilized in various yoga postures. The respiratory and cardiovascular system will be included.  The course consists of 12 hours of lecture sessions with Ruth, incorporating hands-on work in the postures. The programme also includes Vinyasa Krama Yoga sessions, taught by Steve Brandon. So, this is a chance to sample Vinyasa Krama Yoga too, if you haven’t done already.

Certificated course.

Cost: £170 per person. Non-residential.

Venue: Wells, Somerset, UK

For further information and to book, please email Steve or call 01749 677470

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