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The Self Beyond the Mind

The main goal of Yoga, Samkhya and Vedanta is to realise the spiritual conciousness, or Self, as distinct from the mind. These three philosophies, although displaying differences in their approach, all accept that pure consciousness is our true nature and the source of true happiness. This is distinct from the everchanging body/mind complex that we […]

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Vairāgya (वैराग्य)

This article was written by Srivatsa Ramaswami and is reproduced here with his kind permission: Everything is reduced to a cittavritti for one to have any experience. Patanjali deals with cittavrittis, how to manage them, how to avoid vrittis that cause pain and ultimately make it completely free of the citta of all vrittis. This […]

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Yoga Essence 1

Sadhana on Sundays: Developing Your Personal Vinyasa Krama Yoga Practice

Tutor: Steve Brandon These workshops are for Yoga Students who wish to commit to developing their own personal Yoga practice by learning in class and then practising at home. “As a Yoga Student you must have your own practice. You won’t make progress if you don’t practise at home.” Srivatsa Ramaswami Venue: Wells Museum, 8 […]

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