Beginning Anew – Harmony Yoga

Beginning Anew – Harmony Yoga   Cove Bay and Loch Long, Argyll & Bute “The location or the habitat of the student of Yoga intending to practice meditation should be as far as possible isolated from the places of noise and hectic activity such as cities, factories, business centres etc. This is something which is […]

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Interview with Sri T.K. Sribhashyam Part 5

7) In the Presentation in Moksa-Marga you mention the fact that humans are not content and experience dissatisfaction even though having material abundance. Then there is the Divine discontent, Bhakti p.76. Is there a way that we can tell the difference between these two types of discontent? Well, the first one is understandable and we […]

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Sri Ramanuja 1000th Birth Anniversary 1017 – 2017

Sri Ramanuja 1000 year Birth Anniversary 1017 – 2017 Srimate Ramanjujaya Namah “Salutations to Sri Ramanuja” I decided to write a brief introduction to Sri Ramanuja on the occasion of his 1000th birth anniversary. The Vedanta philosophy has established itself among the world systems of philosophy. The Advaita-Vedanta of which Sankaracharya is the most prominent […]

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