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Keen to learn VKY basics?: New workshop in London, 20th February.

The Essentials of Vinyasa Krama Yoga. 1 Day Workshop Saturday, 20th February 2016 9:30am – 4:30pm Jamjang Buddhist Centre, Kennington, London, SE114NA. UK £55 Vinyasa Krama is an art form of practising yogasanas based on the parameters given in the Yoga Sutras. Sri Krishnamacharya taught this method of asana practice in which several asana movements, […]

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Reflections on Death from Sri T.K. Sribhashyam

In May this year we published an interview by Sri T.K. Sribhashyam  about his book Emergence of Yoga. Sribhashyam has written three other books with his sister Shrimati Sheshadri Alamelu. In July Steve Brandon of Harmony Yoga presented a series of questions about these books to Sribhashyam in a live interview. This interview is currently being transcribed and […]

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Secret Places – Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

Marma points are sensitive anatomical points located around the body that Prana (life energy) travels through. Marma means a secret or hidden place. These points are at junctions of flesh, joints, veins, arteries, tendons and bones. There are 107 marma points with the skin being considered the 108th. First mentioned in the Artharva Veda they […]

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