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Pranayama – Health, Longevity, Sleep and Death.

Sri T. Krishnamacharya, my teacher’s Guru, could stop his own heart from beating at will and demonstrated this to doctors who verified the capability. He did not show this unusual ability as a kind of circus act, but to demonstrate that Yoga practice gave the practitioner complete control over the automatic functions of the body. […]

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Krishnamacharya: His Legacy and Teachings

  As part of our celebrations of the 125th Anniversay of Krishnamacharya’s birth, we’d like to share this video with you today. Krishnamacharya’s birthday was 18th November and this video was produced by A.G. Mohan.  

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Breath of Life

Breathing is a basic function of life that we often take for granted. Poor breathing habits can lead to health problems, while optimising our breathing can protect us from illness and improve our health. The first thing I teach people in Yoga or in therapy work is to breathe through the nose as I believe […]

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