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The World Exists to Set Us Free

The Vedic Rishis belong to two main categories, pravrithi marga and nivrithi marga (path of action and path of renunciation). The great Rishis of the nivrithi marga were Yagnavalkya, Kapila and Patanajli. According to these Rishis, life presents us with two possibilities, experience and liberation. Experience is of pleasure and pain, based on the ego’s […]

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Hatha and Raja Yoga – A Crucial Partnership.

By Steve Brandon. It is often perceived that Hatha Yoga (asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha) and  Raja Yoga (mental transformation and enlightenment  that follows on from Hatha Yoga) are somehow separate, or even conflicting, approaches to Yoga. This erroneous perception can lead to an unbalanced personal practice because we have not integrated all the aspects […]

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Getting Away From it All – a True Yoga Holiday

The second chapter of the Yoga Sutra is on Practice and it’s this Kriya Yoga that is recommended for the person who wishes to journey on the path of Yoga. The commentary by Vyasa indicates that our mental impurities(stress – anger, anxiety, confusion etc)  will be an obstacle to the attainment of Yoga and says, […]

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