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This article was written by Srivatsa Ramaswami and is reproduced here with his kind permission: One of the facilities we take for granted is space or what is known in Sanskrit as Ākāśa. It is said to have emanated first from Brahman/ Ātman according to the  the taittirīya upaniṣad–”ātmanaḥ ākāśassambhūtaḥ”. As per Sāṁkhyas, ākāśa emanated […]

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Pranayama in Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

Pranayama, the conscious and deliberate manipulation of the breathing, is the fourth limb of practice in the Hatha and Raja schools of Yoga. The Hatha Yoga goal is to purify the system and move the concentrated prana through the central sushumna nadi, awakening each chakra on the ascent to the crown chakra. Samadhi is the […]

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Samkhya and Yoga – Knowledge and Practice

The Vedas are expressed in a symbolic language of Mantra, expressing the direct spiritual experiences of the sages. The later Upanishads are profound poems, an outpouring of spiritual revelation, illumination and knowledge where philosophy, religion and poetic expression are one. These revelations are not a dry intellectual enquiry. They are the light of India’s spiritual […]

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