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NEW: Mohan makesYoga Makaranda 2 available online

httpv:// Sri Krishnamacharya was an accomplished scholar and practitioner of Yoga. His 1934 book, Yoga Makaranda, lists the texts he studied with his teachers and presents the practice of Yoga based on his personal experience. A pdf. of Yoga Makaranda Part 1 has been available on our website for some time. AG Mohan, a student […]

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The Yoga of Sri T. Krishnamacharya

The Yoga of T. Krishnamacharya The following quotes from Krishnamacharya’s longest standing students clearly summarise the approach that Krishnamacharya took to his practice and teaching of yoga. He was grounded in tradition with his immense studies across the whole range of Vedic knowledge; and a great innovator, making yoga relevant to the prsent days. He […]

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