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Bija Mantras for the Chakras

Since the soul expresses its energy through the subtle body, our connection to the chakras and realising their full potential is essential for wellbeing, personal evolution and spiritual awakening. The main practice common to all Vedic Sciences is the use of Mantra, the sound body of a Divine Being. This is not surprising given that […]

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The Great Mudras of Hatha Yoga

A mudra is a static yoga posture (asana) that is one that is held for a period of time. Sri Krishnamacharya tells us that the purpose of mudras is to: Keep the ten types of prana (life force) moving in their appropriate respective nadi (channels). To prevent diseases from forming in the body. For the […]

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Vinyasa Krama and Vinyoga Krama – Yoga Tools and Application

Tutor: Steve Brandon 2-6pm, Saturday 15th November Cornwall Yoga Centre, Truro, Cornwall, UK   Vinyasa Krama is to learn Yoga techniques in a systematic way. Viniyoga is the appropriate application of Yoga methods for the individual. Traditional Yoga and Ayurveda insists that practice should be adapted for each individual. Mass instruction of a predetermined sequence […]

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