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Yoga and Ayurveda Personal Lessons

Happiness and misery arise due the the contact of the soul, sense organs, mind and sense objects. When the mind is withdrawn from the senses and is concentrated on the soul, it identifies itself with the soul and a supernatural power comes forth.


Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda were both taught by the sage Patanjali. Yoga and Ayurveda rest on a common basis which is the philosophy of Samkhya taught by the sage Kapila. These teachings have their roots in the Veda, the laws coming down from eternity.

The aim, beyond simply the treatment of disease, is to bring ourselves to a state of harmony and vitality that we could call personal reintegration. The body, senses, mind and soul are harmonised and oriented towards spiritual freedom (moksa/kaivalya). This requires the purification of the body/mind so that Sattvaguna becomes dominant in the individual.

Practice and treatment is tailored to restore your natural state of health balance, and empower you in life and to pursue a spiritual goal.

Personal lessons, health advice and treatments are available to students who are studying on Harmony Yoga courses. To apply Yoga and Ayurveda in our daily life requires training in their techniques along with a philosophical understanding. Harmony Yoga do not teach Yoga as a sport or Ayurveda as a healing system similar to modern allopathy.


In the ancient tradition of the Veda, healing and spiritual knowledge were passed on by teachers who were supported by the community. This was to avoid the commercialisation of these teachings while making them available to all. So students and patients gave dana as a gift of generosity and goodwill to enable the teachers and healers to maintain their existence. To enrich oneself by practising medicine was seen as unwholesome, as it was not considered proper to profit from the suffering of others.

All Harmony Yoga courses and lessons are charged at a fee to cover  costs incurred in delivering them. You are then invited to make a gift to enable the teacher/healer to meet their living expenses and support themselves.

Herbs, foods & supplements are charged in addition as required. We endeavour to keep these costs as low as possible.

All sessions will have a basic booking fee to cover costs and a donation can then be made for the teacher.

The basic fee is payable on booking.

Personal Yoga lessons are given by Steve Brandon.

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Contact Steve on 01749 677470 to discuss learning Yoga and Ayurveda or email.

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