600 Hour Course Costs

Harmony Yoga Academy

 Vinyasa Krama Yoga

600 Hour Practitioner and Teacher Training Course PTTC

Course Fees Overview

300 Hour residential training teaching fee. £3250 (course reference books not included).

Accommodation and meals for 36 days at East Down Centre. £1740

300 Hour Ayurvedic Healing Online Distance Learning Course from AIVS. $495.00, without reference books which are extra.

Any additional personal lessons, tutorials or therapy will be charged at Harmony Yoga current hourly rates.

First aid course and insurance are not included.

Payment Schedule

Teaching fees:

Deposit £950  (payable on acceptance of a place on the training).

Study Retreat 1: Friday 20th April  –  Sunday 29th April 2018, (9 days): £575 (Payment by 20th January 2018)

Study Retreat 2:  Friday 14th September  – Sunday 23rd September 2018, (9 days): £575 (Payment by 14th June 2018)

Study Retreat 3:  Friday 9th August  –  Sunday 18th August 2019, (9 days): £575 (Payment by 9th May 2019)

Study Retreat 4: Friday 8th May  –  Sunday 17th May 2020,  (9 days): £575 (Payment by 8th February 2020)

Accommodation and food:

9 day retreats  – £435 each.

(this may change if costs change significantly).

The accommodation and food fee for each retreat is payable 1 month before the start date of that retreat.


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