Yoga Therapy Testimonials

“From my first appointment, I have gradually felt much healthier and fitter than for many years. My arthritic pain has subsided and, apart from occasional bouts of stiffness which soon seem to disappear after 30 minutes of Yoga, everything is fine. I recommend your methods to anyone interested as I have found them to be genuine and helpful.”
Lucy Richardson

“You probably don’t realise what a huge impact you and your teaching have had on me. I know my continuing mobility and flexibility are superior to anyone I know of my age (and younger!) but far and away the most important lasting change has been my spiritual and mental wellbeing. It is over 9 years since my beloved husband died and I still have times of almost unbearable grief. But now I can bring myself back to calmness by practicing what you have taught me concerning correct breathing, relaxation and meditation.”
Brenda Offord

“I have an S-shaped curvature of the spine which was either caused by a congenital malformation or a hairline fracture in the lumbar region in very early childhood. My spine was surgically fused when I was 12 and there was no remedial treatment offered to me following that. Since 1994 (aged 35), I have been receiving treatment from an Osteopath in order to help me maintain good posture and keep me pain free (I was experiencing considerable pain at the time and some loss of feeling in my arms and legs.) My Orthopaedic Consultant recommended that I should wear a surgical corset for the rest of my life and that I was likely to need further surgery within 2 years in order to prevent partial paralysis in my lower body. 16 years on and I don’t wear the corset and haven’t needed surgery.

I asked Steve to teach me yoga and to devise an individual yoga programme for me as an additional support system to osteopathy. Having been advised by the Orthopaedic Consultant that my curvature was likely to progress as I got older, my aim was to maintain my current condition and prevent deterioration.

I have been doing my daily yoga practice, as advised by Steve, for the last 4 years and have been delighted with the results so far. What I have found is that my back feels stronger generally and my muscle tone is improved. This is most noticeable when I attempt those activities which I would previously have found very challenging as they would have caused pain in my back and legs. These were notably gardening and camping. I feel much less protective of my spine and less fearful of the future with respect to the health of my spine. I feel as though I am much more in control of this now and that my deterioration is not inevitable or something that I will just have to tolerate. In fact, as my muscles have strengthened, I’m beginning to notice some straightening in my lower spine. My Osteopath keeps a photographic record of the condition of my spine and she has commented that it looks to her to be in the best condition she has ever seen it. Since beginning Yoga Therapy, I’ve managed to reduce the number of osteopath appointments I need each year and haven’t even needed to visit her at all in the last year.

I have found Steve to be very patient and compassionate in his treatment of me. He always listens carefully to what I have to say about my practice and how I am feeling and treats me with respect and kindness. I find him professional and personable in his approach and he inspires me to be open to possibilities for my improvement which I hadn’t even dared to consider before I met him. My amazing progress so far, Steve’s encouragement and his confidence in the potential of Yoga are what motivate me to continue with my practice.”

““He’s the real thing,” Mary told me. She was right.”
Lynne – Doncaster.

“ I have benefited in many ways, to name a few: feel better, healthier, I lost 1 stone in weight and am now down to my ideal weight, have changed my daily routine for the better, including morning Yoga sessions, my friends have commented that I look younger.”

“With dedication and discipline, the programme can work wonders for your health and your looks. Overall, an enjoyable experience and gave me plenty to think about in terms of changing aspects of my lifestyle.”

“ I can recommend this for improving health, energy levels and clarity. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable.”

“Having had a double hip replacement and being afraid of too strenuous movement, Yoga has given me the confidence to extend my hip movement safely and therefore enjoy more mobility without fear. Thank you Steve.”

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