Staying Well With Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a wonderful array of medical treatments and Ayurvedic Doctors and hospitals can deliver these treatments.

The other aspect of Ayurveda that is worth our attention is the field of prevention.

Ayurveda divides the process of disease into six stages. This is called samprapti in Ayurveda. The first stage of imbalance has symptoms that will not show up in blood tests or other analysis. Each successive stage has its own recognisable signs but until stage five of the process modern medicine will offer no help. The end stage of disease, when an identifiable illness such as asthma or diabetes has manifested, is far down the path of the evolution of the illness. Most of the difficult diseases that now challenge our medical system, such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease, are not things that we catch. They are generated in our own bodies by a long process of stress and imbalanced living.

Ayurveda’s holistic understanding of the evolution of illness is certainly one of its great gifts to humanity.

I recommend that you investigate the healthy living methods of Ayurveda as prevention is better than cure. There are many good publications available on Ayurveda. Some excellent authorities are Dr David Frawley, Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Robert Svoboda, Dr Vinod Verma, Deepak Chopra and Harish Johari. Sebastian Pole has a useful website with many useful articles that you can read.

Live Well.

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