Golden Silence

“May my morning be decorated by the beauty of golden silence”

Sri Chinmoy

Life is a cycle of activity and rest, the daytime activity the domain of rajas and the nightime of tamas. There is a wonderful time of sattva, the ninety minutes before dawn. This is the ideal time for your Yoga practice and to experience the peace of meditation.

This precious time will best support your Yoga activities and will help you to build a reservoir of sattva. The sages of India, ancient and modern, have praised the pre-dawn time and explained the benefits of wisely making use of the sattvic, peaceful atmosphere that is manifesting at this time.

If you wish to rise early you need to go to bed early. If you currently go to bed late, then you could gradually change your retiring and rising times, fifteen minutes at a time until you are back in alignment with natures rhythms.

If you do not feel good in the morning then there are a few things that may need addressing. As Thoreau said, “Measure your health by your sympathy with the morning and the spring.”

“Get up early in the morning at 4am every day and have a bath in a great river. If that is not possible, have a bath in clean hot water.”

Sri T. Krishnamacharya (From Yoga Makaranda)

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