Mitahara – moderate food

To use half the stomach for food and to keep the other half in equal parts for water and for air flow (vayu sancharam) is mitahara.’

Krishnamacharya states this as one of the yamas in Yoga Makaranda. It is one of the elements of tapas in Kriya Yoga.

In Yoga practice we are seeking to gain control over the senses so control over food is an obvious requirement. We want to become sattvic. Over eating and eating the wrong kinds of food do not support this goal.

In the Yoga Sutra the obstacles to Yoga are stated in chapter 1 verse 30. The first obstacle is illness. The commentary states that;

‘Bodily disturbance and illness should be removed by wholesome and measured diet taken only after the food previously taken is digested. This is the sure way of killing illness.’

To support your practice of Yoga and cultivate good health begin with these two challenging but crucial practices.

1)   Measure your prtions of food and ensure you are not feeling full after the meal .

2)    Only eat at meal times.

The next blog post will continue this theme with what a Yoga practitioner is advised to eat and what to avoid.

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