A Letter from Krishnamacharya’s Daughter

The following is a copy of a letter from Krishnamacharya’s youngest daughter, Srishhubha,  to Ramaswami which we thought you might enjoy reading. It is published here with the kind permission of both Ramaswami and Srishbubha.


March 2, 2012

Respected Ramaswami,

I am Srishubha, daughter of T.Krishnamacharya (Appa for me). I happened to read one of your articles and was deeply touched by it. Your article took me back to good old days in the Gopalapuram house and to the time when Appa used to take me along with him to teach a few of his students. Those were some of the very precious moments with father. We used to refer to your house as Chitra Subramaniyam Mama’s house. I very fondly remember your mother, Mami, as we called her, who was always smiling like my own mother did. Every day, when I practice or teach, I imagine Appa sitting in his chair and teaching me. The way you described Appa’s inhalation and exhalation technique in your article brought a smile to my face because that’s the way he used to teach me. I told my son that this is the exact way Appa used to take my class; keeping an eye out for any mistakes that Imight make.

I am also touched by your mention of the names of my siblings in your article. It was a very nice gesture on your part. This shows the
respect you have for Appa.

After coming back from Indonesia, due to my husband’s job we traveled a lot. I have lived in Shimla district, Kullu district, and now shuttling between Bangalore and Karnataka’s Hassan district. We have a small coffee plantation there. I feel a special connection with Appa when I think of how he too lived in the Himalayas and also managed a coffee estate in Chikmagalur district in his youth. I feel that his blessings made all this possible for me.

I am now in Dallas, Texas with my son Deepak. I will be here till 6th April and then head back to India. I came to Dallas to be with my
newly born granddaughter, born on 26th of January this year. I don’t know if you remember, I also have a daughter, Harsha, who needs special attention. Her physical and cognitive skills have significantly improved over the years, thanks to teachings of my father and also my mother (her own depth of knowledge in yoga and philosophy is vastly unknown to the world).

If you happen to be in Dallas during this time we can surely meet. Me, my son and his family would like it very much. Thanks once again for taking me back to those very precious days. I never realized how great Appa was, I am also learning more and more about him from articles such as yours. I am amazed by the impact he has even after so many years of his death.

Like Appa would recite his very favourite prayer:
Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha
Sri Gurbhyo Namaha.

Kind regards to you and your family,

Email: srishubha.mk@gmail.com

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