In Gratitude for Ramaswami’s Visit

Many thanks to all of you who attended one or more of the programmes on Srivatsa Ramswami’s UK visit in the last month. The visit seems to have been a resounding success. It was a blessing to see so many keen Yoga enthusiasts participating in asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation practices with Ramaswami and eager to seek his answers to questions on all of these aspects.  We’re aware that for most of you this was a first encounter with him and a unique opportunity to connect so closely with the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya. We’ve received some delightful feedback, a sample of which is included below:

“It was a pleasure to receive Ramaswami’s teachings, delivered with humility and humour. It is obvious that he has so much to offer and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to receive his energy and wisdom. The energy of the whole group was lovely; warm, encouraging and supportive of each other.”

“Having read, or in the process of reading, Ramaswami’s books, it is wonderful to meet him in person. To have teaching directly transmitted from Sri Krishnamacharya is such a privilege and gives me much joy. I am very grateful and appreciative of what he has given me.”

“A life-changing connection to the old tradition, delivered from a master.”

“Thank you Ramaswami for being a great teacher, for your authenticity and for the knowledge that you shared with me. You blessed my days here with your presence.”

Ramaswami has indicated that he would be willing to return next year. We’ve yet to arrange dates and details, but those who’ve already shown an interest in his visits, plus readers of the blog and newsletter, will be the first to be informed. Watch this space!

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