Interview with Sri T.K. Sribhashyam Part 4

6) In the Moksa-Marga book, the idea of the peaceful emotion, Santa Rasa, is presented with wonderful clarity (Ch. 7). This knowledge could offer a solution to people today who suffer from so much mental distress. Would you share your view on the benefits of emotional balance for the everyday life and for our spiritual evolution?

First of all you have to have an emotional balance in your life, without which you cannot have an emotional balance towards God. Even though when you want to go towards God, when you want to follow the path of devotion or spirituality you need a peaceful mind. But it is not possible that you can just command a peaceful mind because you are praying. You have to be used to it and to be used to it, you have to have it in your daily life. In our daily life it is the basis to have a peaceful mind to go towards God or to invoke him. But in our daily life this balance is rarely maintained. It is not possible unless you make an effort.

Well, we go with the idea that we are all family people, we have a wife, children, brothers and sisters and that means that we are always modifying our emotional setup, whatever be the relation. So we have to deal with the outside world which is nothing other than our emotional stress. That is why we like the world because it stimulates our emotions. Very often we do not think of bringing down the emotions because we take it as part of life. It is rare that somebody will sit and think that there is too much of one emotion and he should bring it down. Once in a while we should think of checking our emotional values in our own self.

For example, let us say for one reason or another I become angry, anger is an emotion, an emotion has gone up. Well as a human being I have my own ego and I don’t want to come back to ask for pardon so that my anger comes down. I could ask for pardon, unfortunately I don’t want to ask. I know that if I ask for forgiveness I have to be less angry. I don’t want to because I want to show them that I am strong. So the day goes and the next day the same value of anger is brought up unless I give some thought to how much of anger I have and see by what means I can bring it down. This helps you to give importance to Santa.

As you have read in the chapter, even though Santa plays a part in our life it is almost invisible. Unless you make an effort you don’t see the peace in you because the other emotions take so much of space, especially the opposite emotion. We don’t give a space in our life and so we don’t see that we have lost Santa, unless once in a while we stand in front of ourselves, that is just like a mirror, and readjust our emotional values.

Now, to go towards the path of spirituality one of the most important emotions is Santa. If in your daily life you do not bring to light your Santa, how can you all of a sudden bring it, you cannot. It is like here I speak in English or French so my mother tongue is a bit lost. If I speak French then it is more difficult to find English words, they stay in the background unless I make an effort. In the same way unless we make an effort in our daily life to have Santa, it will not be possible to have a peaceful mind in our devotional or spiritual research where Santa is the basis. You don’t need other emotions to go towards God, you need Santa.

It is just like saying it is better to stay outside for some time, create the Santa in you before entering a Church or a Temple. After all, why do you go towards God? Why do you make spiritual research? It is to have peace. To have peace even if it is God that gives, or your spiritual path, you should have a view of what Santa is. That means you go with a part of Santa and this increases it. So you need Santa both in your daily life as well as in your spiritual life.

Very often people think that meditation gives you peace, but what they don’t realise is that before starting your meditation you should have peace. Let us say a ray of peace, so that this ray with meditation becomes your own full mind. If you don’t have even that ray of peace, imagine yourself, you are angry and you want to meditate with anger. What will be the outcome? People might say you are angry and you do meditation you will be calm. But no, because the mind is boiling with anger so much that doing meditation at that time increases the anger in the end. You see the reaction afterwards, you don’t see it during. It is almost like saying you have a white canvas, meditation is a white canvas, but it depends what you put in it, it depends what colour you have before. Well if you have a red colour then your white canvas is going to be red. If you start with Santa then meditation gives you more. It doesn’t mean you will get 100g of Santa. It means that Santa will prolong after meditation. If you do not bring to light the Santa in you during meditation then afterwards you return to the previous state and this is not the purpose of meditation. So we have to bring an emotional balance into our daily life.

I will tell you what Indian Hindu Masters think, that you should try to develop Santa before going to sleep. Because we always say that your mental state before going to sleep will be your mental state after sleep, when you wake up. So better have a few seconds to rebalance our emotional states by reflection so that the sleep time helps you to reinforce the balance.

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