About this site

Harmony Yoga offer authentic training in Yoga. The wisdom of Ayurveda is integrated to attain optimum health. Yoga and Ayurveda both seek to establish Sattva (Harmony) for health and spiritual freedom.

The inspiration for our Yoga training programmes is the teaching of the Spiritual Master Sri T Krishnmacharya and his direct students.

You are not required to join any organisation, as the goal of this Yoga is freedom. All you need is enthusiasm, dedication and a sincere motivation to study and practice traditional Yoga.

Yoga is well calculated to flow in an unfolding sequence so the training must be proceed in the right order (Krama means step) with initiation into the practices being dependent on the students individual progress.

Sadhana is practice and we present Yoga and Ayurveda in this context of personal practice. It requires a willingness to change, grow and put efforts into our well-being and personal transformation. Harmony Yoga teach Yoga as an authentic meditation path, not a method of physical postures or sport isolated from their original spiritual science. We seek to maintain the tradition received without vulgarising or distorting it.

Patanjali’s Yoga is an individual path of transformation that┬áleads to the attainment of Kaivalya-moksa, spiritual freedom, the ultimate goal of Yoga. The attainment of this goal is regarded as the highest aspiration for a human.

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