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The Self Beyond the Mind

The main goal of Yoga, Samkhya and Vedanta is to realise the spiritual conciousness, or Self, as distinct from the mind. These three philosophies, although displaying differences in their approach, all accept that pure consciousness is our true nature and the source of true happiness. This is distinct from the everchanging body/mind complex that we […]

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Vinyasa Krama and Vinyoga Krama – Yoga Tools and Application

Tutor: Steve Brandon 2-6pm, Saturday 15th November Cornwall Yoga Centre, Truro, Cornwall, UK   Vinyasa Krama is to learn Yoga techniques in a systematic way. Viniyoga is the appropriate application of Yoga methods for the individual. Traditional Yoga and Ayurveda insists that practice should be adapted for each individual. Mass instruction of a predetermined sequence […]

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Yoga Practice for Peace in the Dark Age

A number of pranayama techniques that Sri T. Krishnamacharya taught do not appear in the classical texts or the Veda. They have been introduced by various Masters during this dark age of strife and adharma known as Kali Yuga (3,606 BC – 2,442 AD) in order to help us return our disturbed minds to a […]

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