Practitioner and Teacher Training Course Testimonials

“I honestly felt like I had been dying of thirst and this course was a large, much needed, glass of water. Steve’s teaching style and the flow of the daily activities feels extremely natural – just like the breath…”
Kate. London.

“You walk your talk, you shine! Your practical sessions were so good – you reinforced the learning so often, I can do the tadasana flow and make a stab at others. I loved your chanting – not just your rich voice, but the vibration and after effects. Also, I loved the pranayama you taught. Today’s practical session gave me a boost when I realised how much my body had moved in 2 1/2 days, i.e. released a lot of tension in my spine in order to stretch further than before. This has inspired me to use your graduation method and maybe evaluate my personal practice more often. Thankyou, Steve, for a fantastic experience.”
Mary Laidlaw

“I enjoyed the clear and thorough explanation of the sequences and the depth of knowledge relating to various other aspects of Yoga practice i.e. sutras, history and analogies. Good discipline balanced with some good humour.”
Willie Mercer. Hatha Yoga Teacher. Fife. Scotland

“I enjoyed your colourful teachings and the vast knowledge
you have on Yoga. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole
programme. Thankyou, Steve, for sharing with us. It was fantastic.”

Lisa Miller. Founder of  Thurraya Yoga Studios, Scotland.

“Many, many thanks for an excellent, meaningful course. I
love the idea of Vinyasa Krama Yoga. I did a headstand! I’m so happy!”


“Enjoyed exploring variations of basic postures and
learning different ways of linking them together. Also enjoyed the
history and philosophy as Steve kept it light and interesting with his

Linda Mackenzie, Yoga Teacher (Livingston, West Lothian)

“The whole system makes sense, I enjoyed listening and
learning every aspect. I know there is a long way to go but I
experienced progression and an enthusiasm for more. I have been
struggling with my confidence in Yoga and personal practice. I leave the
course feeling motivated and keen to make some adjustments to my life
and I want to enjoy personal practice.”

Susan Mallinder – student at Anahata Yoga School

“The sequences were effective and enjoyable. The course
content was very informative and we covered a good selection of
postures. Good pace. There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy – it was
great. I feel this course has given me another facet to add to my Yoga
practice which will improve my flexibility and health.”


“I enjoyed the detailed explanation of the system and the
demonstrations. Very clear – also good fun! Has motivated me to be
vigorous in my personal practice. Thankyou.”

John Doherty

“Clear, concise instruction. Your sense of fun in your teaching as well as your deep devotion came through. Am looking forward to taking my practices home and working on them. ”
Caroline Donaldson. Anahata Yoga School

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