Ramaswami Programmes Testimonials

I would highly recommend attending any session with Ramaswami. His depth of knowledge is reflected in the Raja Yoga practice he teaches, applying this to personal practice as well as teaching methods. Excellent!Virginia – Yoga Teacher, Torbay.

‘A well organised workshop with excellent teaching. Clear, unhurried tuition and practice supported by many years of experience led to a most rewarding period where focus on the detail to release the benefits was the key. 3 weeks after the 4 day session I attended (The Yoga of Krishnamacharya) I still retain the focus to specific areas of the body that was taught within the sessions and brought such uplifting benefits to mind, body and spirit.’ Matthew C.  – Power Station Engineer.

‘It was a true privilege for me to participate in Ramaswami’s workshop. His incredible apprenticeship to such a great yogi as Krishnamacharya, his knowledge about the ancient texts, his chanting, his knowledge of the the Sanskrit, made me feel the connection with the traditional yoga, yoga philosophy and with the Vedas. All the experience was great. Thankyou Ramaswami for being a great teacher, for your authenticity and your knowledge that you shared with me. You blessed my days here with your presence.’ Adina C-Prince. Yoga Teacher. Oxford.

‘A life-changing connection to the old tradition, from a master.’ Anne F.

‘I really enjoy coming to the events and workshops that Steve puts on. Very well catered for with a supportive framework. Thanks.’ Claire Madden – Yoga/Massage Therapist.

‘Having read, or in the process of reading, Ramaswami’s books, it is wonderful to meet him in person. To have teaching directly transmitted from Sri Krishnamacharya is such a privilege and gives me much joy. I am very appreciative and grateful for what he has given me.’ Leila S. Devon.

‘I had a very enjoyable time. The workshops were informative and very useful. It was a pleasure to receive Srivatsa Ramaswami’s teachings, delivered with humility and humour. It is obvious that he has so much to offer and I feel very lucky to have had two opportunities to receive his energy and wisdom. Thankyou Steve for arranging this. The energy of the whole group was lovely: warm, encouraging and supporting each other. You have created something special in Harmony Yoga and I sincerely hope that you and Ramaswami continue to go from strength to strength. Om Shanti and God Bless.’ Dr. Mehul Shah – Yoga Teacher.

‘Steve organised the workshop with love and care, so that we got the most out of it.’ Pauline Johnson – Yoga Teacher.

‘The main difference between Ramaswami’s books and this workshop is that from the book everything has the same importance or relevance adn you don’t know what is the most important and fundamental…In the workshop, this probelm is solved because Ramaswami repeated again and again with multiple examples and different arguments to make it clear and understood. The teachings flow from teacher to student, as it has to be.’ Oscar Montero

‘Ramaswami is so inspiring to listen to and his humility, focus and lack of ego are a living example of an enlightened man. He cuts through all the difficulties we would find in trying to understand the ancient texts with his gentle, simplistic, no fuss approach. He himself is someone to aspire to be like in his manner, focus and pace – quite aside from his wonderful teachings. He is a kind, understanding tutor. I am so pleased I have had the opportunity to study with him. I will not forget this’ J. Thompson

Ramaswami is so generous with his words, experiences and thoughtful, but pragmatic responses to our questions. It is even more abundantly clear clear to me how yoga can be used in the treatment of many physical and mental ailments for all ages and walks of life, not to mention immensely enhancing the lives of those fortunately unafflicted!’ Kate – London.

‘I’ve often heard the phrase ‘It’s the teachings, not the teacher.’ Nowhere is this more applicable than with Ramaswami – his modest and straightforward delivery allows the teachings of Krishnamacharya to come shining through.’ Ranju – Yoga Teacher.

‘It’s been a really interesting 3 days. Listening to Ramaswami has helped to put parts of the Yoga Sutras in perspective to clarify their meaning and purpose. It has so inspired me to practise more pranayama, bandhas and meditation in my own Yoga and with my classes.’ Julie

‘I hope I will remember this time, put the learning into practice and continue on the path.’ Vicky.

‘Thankyou Steve and Harmony Yoga. I cannot stress enough how important it is to study the text of the Yoga Sutras with a teacher who has no interest other than to reflect the true meaning of Patanjali’s words and know the meaning inside out. There are few questions Ramaswami cannot answer with patience and clarity.’ Aimee Blackman

‘It has been a great privilege to spend this time with a teacher of this calibre – with so much knowledge, imparted very kindly, very gently and very generously. What Sri Ramaswami is teaching is not complicated and yet has great depth and great transformational potential. I know that my own practice and teaching with benefit and I encourage any sincere Yoga practitioner to seize any opportunity they have to study with him.’ Elizabeth – Yoga Instructor.

‘It’s been a wonderful privilege and I feel so lucky to have experienced and been in the presence of Ramaswami, especially his very beautiful chanting of Surynamaskaram.’ Jo – Somerset.





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