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2013-05-12 12.29.54 Srivatsa Ramaswami  is Krishnamacharya’s longest standing student outside the master’s own family. He studied with him for over thirty years and has taught Yoga for many years in India, the U.S.A. Europe and UK. He has written a number of books on Yoga and has made many recordings chanting the Vedas and other texts.

During his studies with Krishnamacharya he learnt the full spectrum of asana and pranayama practice and had extensive studies of the important Yoga texts.

This included:

  • Patanjala Yogasutras
  • Samkhya Karika
  • Hathayogapradipika
  • Bhagavad Gita

He studied the following Upanishads under his acharya:

  • Chandogya
  • Taithiriya
  • Svetasvatara
  • Isavasya

Ramaswami also studied vedic chanting.

He has been teaching for many years in India, at Kalakshetra (for 20 years, and recognized as an Institution of National Importance by the Govt. of India), Ramachandra Medical University, Yoga Brotherhood and others.

He has taught workshops and Teacher Training programs in the US at the Esalen Institute, Loyola Marymount University, Yoga Works, the Himalayan Institute, Chicago Yoga Center and many others. In the UK he has taught workshops in London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Taunton, Wells and a Vinyasa Krama Yoga retreat at EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset.  He is a registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 (500 hour) level. This is the highest level of certification the Yoga Alliance offers.

Srivatsa Ramaswami has many useful videos on his Youtube Channel.

Ramaswami Workshop October 2012 033 (1024x754)

Ramaswami teaching in the UK October 2012


T. K. Sribhashyam is Krishnamacharya’s son and was born in
Mysore (India) in 1940. According to the family tradition, Sri T.K.Sribhashyam has studied Indian Philosophy, Ayurveda and Yoga under the transmission of his father and Master T.Krishnamacharya. He has been teaching Yoga since 1956, and teaching in Europe since 1970. He is the founder of Yogakshemam Teachers’ Training School in France and Switzerland. He was one of the main participants in the recent documentary “Breath of the Gods” produced by Jan Schmidt-Garre. He has published recently the following books, “Emergence of Yoga”, “Moksha Mārga”,  “Bhakti : Quintessence in Indian Philosophy” and “From Devotion to Total Surrender, Śaraṇāgati Yoga”

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