Yoga For The 3 Stages of Life

Vinyasa Krama Yoga focuses on adapting Yoga to suit individual needs. This includes adapting the practice to suit the stage of life the individual is in.

The three stages according to Yoga philosophy are growth, stability and decay and are actual transformations of our body as it progresses from conception to death. There are nine milestones in these three main phases.

Conception, pregnancy, birth, infancy, adolescence, youth, middle age, old age and death are the nine stages that the human body goes through.

Nathamunis Yoga Rahasya – Sloka 4:34

Young boy yoga
In this stage of life Yoga is beneficial to support healthy growth, develop self-confidence and discipline.


yoga couple


Here Yoga will focus on maintaining optimum health and stability.

 Laya-Sunset-Old age-dissolution

senior man yoga


Here Yoga serves as a support to maintain health and to focus on the attainment of peace, truth and freedom.

Vedic culture recommends that a person follows four ashramas or stages in life.

Student – A period of study and discipline.

Householder – marriage, family life and duties to society.

Retirement – living a reclusive life devoted to meditation, study and spiritual progress.

Renunciate – living alone free from all worldly preoccupations one aims to realise ones own true nature as immortal spirit. This liberation is meant to destroy all karma, desire and the need for any future birth.

The first three stages of life are to be lived with this end always in mind.

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