Yoga Lessons Testimonials

“I have been practicing Yoga for over 30 years and have had several teachers. 3 of them I will always remember as being very special. For me, Steve will remain the most special of the 3. He has taken my Yoga practice to a new level. He is a true Yogi.”
Jan W.

“Steve has wonderful gift of connecting with people and offering them the chance to share in the mysteries of Yoga. His teaching is an inspiration.”
Melanie M.

“Steve makes Yoga a wonderful activity to pursue, both within a class and at home. It’s also been something I’ve been able to transfer to other areas of my life.”

“Steve has been a revelationary teacher to me. For the first time (at 58) I “get” Yoga. I feel I have benefitted physically and emotionally. I put this down to his encouragement and the strength and clarity of his teaching.”
Chris Andrews – Manager.

“It has been a privilege to have Steve as a teacher. He is totally dedicated. He teaches with sincerity, integrity and a splash of humour. Irreplaceable!!”
Jackie Clarke.

“Steve is a truly inspirational teacher. You cannot help being enlightened by his enthusiasm for Yoga. I feel lucky that Steve was my first teacher as I now have a real love for Yoga that I know will last for the rest of my life.”
Zoe W.

“Steve is a really good teacher and an inspiration. He makes every class different and interesting.”
Patrick A.

“Steve and his gentle way of teaching helped me greatly through a very difficult time when I lost my husband. “
Sally F.

“I had expected to come to Yoga once a week and perhaps maintain some suppleness in my back. Instead, I was introduced to a whole philosophy of life. Steve is unequivocally the best Yoga teacher I have ever worked with.”
Janet S.

“Steve lives, breathes, eats and sleeps Yoga – his enthusiasm and energy are infectious. Very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions. A very patient teacher with a good sense of humour.”
Susan H.

“Steve’s Yoga classes have opened my eyes to how much more Yoga can offer than just the physical benefits. He and Yoga have also helped me through a difficult time in my life which has been greatly appreciated.”

“Steve’s firm belief in the power of Yoga to transform lives, together with his inspired teaching, has made his sessions the most effective and enjoyable that I have ever experienced.”
Michele H.

“I would recommend Steve’s Yoga classes for his expertise, his outlook on life, his humour and ability to use examples from his experiences, and from others who have communicated with him, to convey wisdom.”
Nora B.

“ I would like to thank you for your patience and your expert tuition.”
Joan C.

“Steve instils a feeling of self-improvement as he always treats people as individuals with different abilities.”

“I honestly feel that Steve’s Yoga classes have improved the quality of my life mentally, physically and spiritually.”
Catherine H.

“Steve is a fine model of a Yogi and walks his talk, setting a good example of a healthy, wholistic lifestyle. I will enjoy further training sessions.”

“Steve is a great teacher and, although this is my first Yoga experience, I think it would be difficult to replace him. He is a smashing person and very approachable who has a total passion for Yoga and it shines through.”
Alison – GP receptionist.

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